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    Welcome to the TrendRadius Blog and thank you for reading our inaugural post! My Co-Founders and I have started TrendRadius for a simple reason. We want to help people build better, cooler and more useful products. In order to do this we believe that the way that Product Management is done today needs to change. It needs a revolution. Too often decisions being made about products are based off of gut instincts, past experience or “logical” reasoning and not based on customer data. In other words, a lot of product decisions are just educated guesses.

    This begs the question, why is this how product management operates in so many companies? Well, at TrendRadius we have a hypothesis: it takes too long and is too difficult to find out what customers want and need. This made sense in the past when a Product Manager would have to set up customer surveys, conduct user interviews, or run a focus group to get data. These activities were time consuming and took a lot of leg work but today in the era of social media and big data why aren’t Product Managers using tools and analytics to get the customer insights they need?

    Well, it may be that none of these tools exist…yet. Sales, marketing and support teams have tools to support the collection of customer feedback, however, these disparate data sources are rarely in a format easily accessible by product managers. There needs to be customer feedback analytics that supports the functional needs of Product Managers. Beyond internal business system data, there are hundreds, even thousands, of relevant data points on the web with customers discussing products on social networks, forums and blogs that can be used to make better product decisions. Product Managers need tools that can help them tap into all of this knowledge. TrendRadius aims to bring all of this data together and make it accessible for Product Managers and developers so they can create even better products.

    We have a vision of using big data and real time analytics to build better products but we need your help to turn this vision into a reality. Let us know about what you think of our plan by leaving a comment on this blog, tweeting us (@TrendRadius) or emailing us at blog@trendradius.com.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    All the Best,
    The TrendRadians

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